Beth Calder

Beth Calder

  • Cell: (209)747-6798
  • Office: (209) 887-3391
  • Office Location: 19033 E. Highway 26, Linden, CA. 95236

About Beth Calder

As a fourth generation Lodian, our local neighborhoods, schools, and farms have played a major part in my upbringing. Straight out of college, Esthetics was my first direction because of the one-on-one aspect of the industry. Working directly with great people has always been a passion and I cannot vision my career, whatever path, without close interaction with great people.

Having grown up in a family deep rooted in grape farming, winemaking and logistics, along with the familiarity of the San Joaquin county, local Real Estate was another path I hoped to take along with Esthetics down the road.

Enter my family life! I married my best friend and now husband Mark in 2010. A few years later, our daughter Taylor was born. Fortunately, my husband allow me to stay at home with our daughter as long as I needed. After a year, I chose to resume my career however Esthetics did not accommodate my new schedule as a mother. I missed working directly with clients and providing a sense of happiness to their day.

Taking advantage of my time at home with Taylor, I decided to attend Real Estate school and live out my other passion outside Esthetics. Upon being licensed, I knew this industry would allow both time with my daughter and also extend my passion for the one-on-one interaction I truly desire. With my family history and familiarity of greater San Joaquin County, I searched for the perfect employer who shared similar qualities I was blessed with growing up with. Enter Rance Boysen, a one time gym partner to my husband, friend of a friend, and agent whom we purchased our house from, Peter Boysen Realty had the family owned feel I was looking for. I am truly blessed to be working alongside Rance and his team with all their experience.

Having the comfort of a great employer and helping guide people through one of life’s biggest decisions, I truly feel this career path has provided everything I set out for.